Driving Session Features

We are a Driving School dedicated to offering Top of the Line Safety Driving Sessions along with aiding in acquiring your Kentucky Driver’s License. We have highly qualified instructors with extensive experience in the sector as well as vehicles equipped with a Dual-Brake System and a Kill Switch.

With The Greatest Security

We put at your disposal our entire team of licensed driving instructors and our vehicles so that you learn to drive with the greatest safety.

Personalized Attention

We know that it is essential to focus on all aspects of your safety and the safety of others when you are behind the wheel. Our entire team is dedicated to one on one attention while in the vehicle with our licensed driving instructors, whose primary focus is completely on you, as a student driver and all around Safety.

Your Trust Center

We want you to feel comfortable from the first day, so we pride ourselves on making sure you we go at your pace but also encourage you to build your confidence and work on your weaknesses along the way.

Student Success

Working together, with effort and the necessary time, we will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


We offer a 6 Hour Certified Driving School Program!

•Each session is $115.00. Our general program consists of 3 sessions total (6 hours) for $345.00
•We accept Cash, Check, or Money Order and PayPal. *PayPal- You must Pay the Total amount and we send you the link if you choose this type of payment. We have to charge extra w/PayPal due to transaction fees). YOU CAN PAY AS YOU GO with Cash, Check or money order payment forms. 
•2 hours per session.


1st session covers Basic Driving (2 Hours):

•Building confidence behind the wheel.
•City, Country, and Expressway driving.
•Work on their weaknesses along the way.

2nd session covers Test Preparation (2 Hours):

•We take you to the actual testing site (depending on which county the permit was from).
•Teach you all the maneuvers that are covered on the driving test: Parallel Parking, 3-Pt. Turn/Turn About, Over-Night Park, Smooth Stop and Reverse.
•Give tips of what the Examiner will look for and take off on the day of your Test.

3rd session is the Actual Testing Day (2 Hours):

•We schedule the test for you with the DMV Office. *Please check your eligibility date clicking here: https://eligibility.gdl.kytc.ky.gov/
•You will use our vehicle for the Actual Road Test.
•We will take you out for 1 hour before the test time to refresh all Testing Maneuvers and then bring you to the testing starting site.
•If you end up failing the Road Test – within our 6 hour Program, we offer a Complimentary Session which is the exact same as the third session: I call in the Test again, receive 1 hour of practice then take you to your test.
•Parents are NOT required to be present on testing day or at the course.

*You will receive a Certificate at the end of the 3rd/Final session, showing you’ve completed our driving training (6 hours) with our Certified Driving School Program. Which you can then take to you car insurance company to receive a discount. *Please call your car insurance company just to be sure that accept it, just to be safe.

*You can do a minimum of 1 session OR as many as you would prefer, but to receive the certificate for the car insurance discount, you must complete at least 6 hours with us.

*We are always Booking out at least 2 months in advance. Please call or email to reserve your session today!

We are constantly back and forth at the Office since everyone on our Team are Licensed Driving Instructors, including the Owner and Business Manager. Please call to make an Appointment to meet at the Office.