Why choose A-1 Safety Driving school

 -have 6 instructors and counting.

 -been in business since 1947.

  -have your preference of male and female driving instructors

 -have 5 vehicles and growing.

 -scheduling available via phone, text, email, facebook.

 – Full 2 hour sessions

– Accommodates drivers with Zero Driving experience as well.

 -Servicing KENTON, BOONE AND CAMPBELL Counties.

 -Family owned and operated.

 -Always return every phone call/message in a timely manner

 -Rated A+ by BBB

  -Rated #1 NKY driving School from Enterprise for 2017 & 2018

 -Weekend availability for driving sessions

Driving Course Features

We are a Training Center dedicated to offering all kinds of courses and driving licenses. We have highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in the sector as well as the most innovative materials and pedagogical methods.

With The Greatest Security

We put at your disposal all our team of licensed driving instructors and our vehicles so that you learn to drive with the greatest safety.

Personalized Attention

We know that it is essential to focus on all aspects of your safety and the safety of others when you are behind the wheel. We are dedicated to one on one attention while in the vehicle with our licensed driving instructors, whose main focus is completely on you, as a student driver and the all around Safety.

Your Trust Center

We want you to feel comfortable from the first day, so we pride ourselves on making sure you we go at your pace but also encourage you to build your confidence and work on your weaknesses along the way.

Guaranteed Success

Working together, with effort and the necessary time, we will help you achieve any goal you set for yourself. Do not think more and contact us.


-Each session is $115.00. Our general program consists of 3 sessions total (6 hours) for $345.  YOU CAN PAY AS YOU GO AND WE COME TO YOU!

-2 hours per session.

-1st session covers Basic Driving: Building confidence behind the wheel.

                                           City, Country, and Expressway driving.

                                           Work on their weaknesses along the way.

-2nd session covers Test Preparation: We take you over to the actual testing site (depending on which county the permit was from)

                                                Teach all the maneuvers that are covered on the driving test: Parallel Parking, Turn-About, Parking over night, and Stopping and reversing.

                                                 Give tips of what the Examiner will look and take off for the day of your Test.

-3rd session is the Actual Testing Day: You will use our vehicle

                                                 We also schedule the test for you.

                                                 We will take you out for 1 hour before the test time and go over all the maneuvers repeatedly and then bring you to the testing starting spot.

*You will receive certificate at the end of the 3rd session showing you’ve completed our driving training (6 hours) with our Certified Driving School Program. Which you can then take to you car insurance company to receive a discount. (I would call your car insurance company just to be sure that accept it, just to be safe).

** You can do as few as one session or as many as you would like, but to receive the Certificate for the car insurance discount, you must complete at least 6 hours with us.

** If for some you reason fail the test, we do offer a complimentary session which is the exact same as the third session: hour of practice then take you to your test!

Our Price Lists

Choose The Best Catagory Plan That Suits Your Needs

Important Information Regarding Permit/Licensing

Permit Phase- 21 years and after

KY requires you to wait 30 days before you can obtain a Full License (still have to take ROAD TEST). It’s best to get as much driving experience on your own outside of driving school as well.


If you’re a legal U.S. Citizen and have an international license all you have to do is take the Written Permit Test to obtain a Kentucky’s License. You can still take driving school for the basics! If you are NOT a legal U.S. Citizen you have to take written Permit Test and ROAD TEST. Please see above for different age requirements as a permit holder.

Permit Phase 16yrs-17yrs

KY requires the completion 60 hours of driving (50 daytime/10 Night) before taking the ROAD TEST to get Intermediates License. WE can sign off on these logged hours as well. Must turn in completed Logs to Examiner Day of the Test.We can take you out on the ROAD at any point (pending on certain availability). We can NOT take you for your ROAD TEST before you are actually eligible. See link: https://eligibility.gdl.kytc.ky.gov/ . You must have your permit on you for each session we take you on. When going through a driving school, the only items you must have on you on TESTING DAY is: Permit and Logged Hours Completed and Signed by a parent. You DO NOT have to have the 4HR Graduated Licensing Class completed before you take the ROAD TEST in order to get your intermediates. You must have it completed before going back to obtain your Full-on License at the DMV Office (6 months after you receive your intermediates). It’s best to get as much driving experience on your own outside of driving school as well (LOGGED HOURS!!!)

Permit Phase- 18yrs-20yrs

Ky requires you to wait 180 days after you have received your permit in order to take your ROAD TEST. If you received your permit before 18yrs of age you will only receive your License if you have completed the 4HR graduated licensing class. If you receive permit after 18 years of age you do NOT have to take the 4HR graduated Licensing Class. It’s best to get as much driving experience on your own outside of driving school as well.

Call/Text/Email to Book your sessions Now!

If you would like to meet at our office please give us a call first, to set up a time.

Our instructores

Top rated and Highly Recommended

instructor 3

Top rated and Highly Recommended

instructor 4

Top rated and Highly Recommended

Knowledgeable Instructors

At A-1 Safety Driving School in Northern Kentucky, we make sure that our driving instruction team is personally interested in the development of all of our students. From the moment you get into our car, we encourage them to achieve their best. In keeping with that commitment, we provide one-on-one training to each student. What sets our instructors apart? They are:

  • Trained to the highest standards- Certified Driving Instructors through the State Police of Kentucky.
  • Able to customize lessons to fit individual student needs
  • Highly professional and skilled

When you choose us, you are not just investing in us, you are making the best possible investment for your future behind the wheel, your safety, and the safety of others on the road.